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Hello and Welcome To The
 Veterinary Physiotherapy Centre...

Animals can suffer with musculoskeletal problems in much the same way as people do resulting in neck or back pain, joint problems, generalised stiffness, lethargy and sometimes behavioural changes from long term pain. Animals are also very good at hiding problems from their owners and we only see issues in our pets once the condition has been going on sometime and the pain has increased to a level they are unable to tolerate. Many of the causes of musculoskeletal problems can be address through physiotherapy and in most cases issues can be resolved or for the more chronic cases a long term therapy plan can offer relief from these conditions. Therapy work can also be used in cases of animals having on-going conditions such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or kissing spines etc alongside their regular veterinary care.

Please note Physiotherapy is not a substitute for correct veterinary care and in all emergency situations or if your animal has an undiagnosed lameness you should seek veterinary help.


Why use our services?

Masters Degree qualified 

Members of the NAVP

Fully Insured

Tailored sessions 

Regular vet updates 

Latest knowledge

Insurance company recognised

What do we treat /
What can we help? :

Soft Tissue injury

Neurological dysfunction

Rehabilitation after surgery



Back injury / pain 

Poor performance

Pain relief

Ligament & Tendon injuries

Bone and joint conditions


Sports performance maintenance

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

Up to 60% faster recovery rate

Neurological injury recovery

Drug free pain relief 

Improved circulation/ lymphatic drainage

Prevent injury

Improved performance

Reduced stiffness and increased flexibility

Increased strength, stamina and balance

Supportive care for elderly patients

Improved quality of movement

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