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Travels with your dog(s) – The ultimate packing guide

The summer holidays are fast approaching and with the restricted travel rules about going abroad still in place I know a lot of you are planning staycations this year - which is great!

This also means a lot of you are now considering taking your dog(s) on holiday with you this year for the very first time. So are you wondering what you need to take for your dog on holiday? If you have kids as well it may feel like you packing everything except the kitchen sink. Don’t worry I’m here to help! Taking your dog on holiday in my family is a common occurrence. So as a seasoned veteran I decided to put together a handy dog-friendly holiday packing list.

Collar and ID – The law states that your dog must wear a collar and tag when out in public. When on holiday it is even more important to make sure your dog wears their tag

Lead – not everywhere allows you to let your dog off the lead especially down the coat during the summer time. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a lead with you. I always pack an extra spare one just in case it gets misplaced whilst we are away. It is also a good idea to double check the stitching is sound and the clip is working properly. Carriers – if you are on a driving holiday, a harness, boot-guard or dog crate is essential. The UK highway code states that dogs must be suitably restrained when in a vehicle so that they cannot distract or injure you or themselves whilst driving. If you have to perform an emergency stop, you need to know that they will be safe. A seatbelt harness, dog guard or crate is crucial to ensure they will be safe.

Bedding - Bringing your own puppy’s bedding is a good idea, the familiarity and his own scent will help him settle into an unfamiliar place.

Towels – Arguably one of the most useful items you could pack. Especially if your dog is one who likes to get wet and muddy! A quick rub down and a wipe of the paws can help keep your car tidy and also the place you are staying.

Food and Treats – Always pack enough food for the duration of your stay plus a little extra just in case, as you may not be able to buy any further supplies of your dog’s usual food, and sudden changes can cause tummy upsets.

Medication and a first aid kitDon´t forget to include any ongoing medication to cover the holiday period. It’s also sensible to have at least a basic first aid kit with you.

Bowls – One for food and one for water. Collapsible ones are great if you are going away on a day trip and for reducing the amount of space it takes up in your bags.

Poo bags – clearing up after you dog(s) is important, so be prepared for the inevitable.

Recent photo – Say CHEESE! If the worst was to happen and your dog did get lost, a good photo could be invaluable to help you find them.

Documentation – A copy of your pet insurance and vaccination documents is useful. I will admit I don’t personally print these off but make sure that a copy is readily available on my email so if I need them I can look them up on my phone.

Before you travel, remember to check and follow any current Covid-19 restrictions that may apply to your local area or the area you plan to travel to.


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