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Hello January...

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

2021... it can only get better... Wait. Here’s to lockdown 3.0

(is it 3 or 4 I actually don’t know?!)

As I’m currently isolating, I’ve decided to use my time wisely. I've been busy putting together new content for my clients / followers. I wish to create a supportive platform to progress animal rehabilitation in the veterinary sector. My aim is to discuss, share and collaborate ideas, stories and advice. My ultimate aim is to create a veterinary physiotherapy hub of content that will inform, educate and inspire owners and professionals alike.


Well firstly I am pleased to introduce the new monthly Vet Physio Centre newsletter Click here to have a peak. I hope it will provide a flavour of what me and all our Wonderful clients are up to and how the world veterinary physiotherapy is evolving. We are also kicking off the year with some very exciting changes and additions to the practice (Covid pending). All will be revealed over the next few months so please stay tuned to find out more.

Additionally, I am also excited to announce this year that we are going to be releasing an introduction to pole work series on our YouTube channel so that you can safely introduce pole work into your horses routine the correct way. Back in October 2020 I made the decision to introduce a new member to my family, Huckleberry a stunning 3 year old Oldenburg gelding.

This year he will be starting his education so its the perfect opportunity for me to show you all how to go about starting your horse with pole work from the beginning. I will also be explaining to you how each of the exercises targets specific muscle groups along the way and how each of the different exercise will benefit your horse.

Click here to go to our YouTube channel and don't forget to hit the subscribe button!


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