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Elbow dysplasia, which is now more properly termed developmental elbow disease, is one of the most common causes of forelimb lameness in young, large and giant breed dogs. By definition 'elbow dysplasia' basically means abnormal development of the elbow joint

There ar...

Sacroiliac pain in horses is a performance limiting condition that can be challenging to diagnose and manage. To understand why horses, develop this problem we first need to understand the anatomy involved.

The pelvis is a ring of bones formed of three fused bones; Iliu...

My biggest supporter when it comes to my love of horses is my dad. Despite have no interest in horses himself and a profound dislike for early mornings throughout my childhood and leading up to my early twenties he was the one who took me out every month to competition...

Leaps and Bounds Veterinary Physiotherapy is looking for a sponsored rider for 2019!

You will receive free treatment for one of your horses for a whole year as well as embroidered merchandise. Keeping the equine athlete happy and healthy is a complex task; incorporating...

*Okay I admit it at 6 years old he’s not exactly a puppy anymore but he’s the peter pan of the canine world. This boy never grew up.

Drum roll please for my first Leaps & Bounds veterinary physiotherapy blog post!

I’ve been informed by lots of exciting techy people out t...

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