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Sponsorship Opportunity

Leaps and Bounds Veterinary Physiotherapy is looking for a sponsored rider for 2019!

You will receive free treatment for one of your horses for a whole year as well as embroidered merchandise. Keeping the equine athlete happy and healthy is a complex task; incorporating physiotherapy into your horses’ maintenance program will help to ensure optimal health and performance. For more information on how Physiotherapy can benefit your horse please click here.

I am ideally looking for someone who is enthusiastic, ambitious and 100% dedicated to their horse/s. You do not need to be riding at top level, but someone competing in either BD, BE or BSJA would be desirable. I am ideally looking for someone who would also be willing to have professional photoshoots and video footage taken of them riding to be used by for promotional / blog / vlogging purposes. Obviously any photos or video footage taken of you and your horse would be available to you free of charge.

To apply please email or PM me with the following:

- information about you and your horse

- details about your previous competition record

- photographs of you and your horse (riding / competing)

- your aspirations for 2019

- your location

- How you will be willing to promote the Leaps and Bounds Veterinary physiotherapy brand, e.g. Social media, vlogs, blogs, word of mouth

I look forward to hearing from you all. Entries close Monday 28th January and winner will be picked / announced Thursday 31st January.

Good Luck!


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